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Pfaelzer-Hof Edenkoben

Terms of Service

Terms and Conditions (GTC)

Dear Guest!

We will do our best to make your stay as comfortable as possible. This also means that you know exactly what services we provide, what we stand for and what liabilities you have towards us. Therefore, observe the following general terms and conditions, which regulate the contractual relationship between you and us and recognize your booking.
1. Conclusion of the contract

The contract is concluded as soon as the room (s) have been ordered and confirmed, or if a contract is no longer possible due to lack of time. The purchaser is jointly and severally liable as principal for all obligations arising from this contract.

Group and tour operators must provide the exact list of participants up to three weeks before arrival.

Supplements, changes and subsidiary agreements of any kind require our express confirmation in order to be valid.

A change in the number of rooms plus ./. minus 10% is possible free of charge until three weeks before arrival.

2. Arrival and departure

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, room occupancy is not possible until 3 pm on the day of arrival and must be returned by 11 am on the day of departure.

The guest is kindly requested to inform the reception after 11.00 o'clock of the expected departure at the latest by 22.00 o'clock the day before departure; If you leave before 6:00 pm, half the room price will be charged, after 18:00 the full room rate will be charged.

Reserved rooms must be occupied by 6 pm at the latest. If this is not done, the hotel may dispose of the room, unless a later arrival time has been explicitly agreed.

3. Services and prices

The contractual services result from the information in the reservation confirmation. The agreed prices are inclusive prices. An increase in VAT after conclusion of the contract shall be borne by the client. If there are more than four months between conclusion of the contract and arrival, the hotel reserves the right to change prices without prior notice. All price awards are in euros.

4. Payments

For the reservation, the hotel can request an advance payment of 50% of the agreed price. If this advance payment is not received within two weeks of being requested on the hotel's account, then this is entitled to withdraw from the contract.

The resignation must be communicated immediately.

If nothing else has been agreed in writing between the partners, the payment will be made in cash, at the latest on departure. If an agreement on payment against invoice has been made, the purchaser must pay the invoice no later than 10 days from the date of invoice.

5. Resignation

All resignations must be in writing.

a) If the contractual services are not used, the individual guest is obliged to

    at the accommodation agreement = 100%

    at half board = 70%

    for full board = 60%

to pay the agreed price for the duration of the reservation. The hotel is held in good faith, otherwise unused rooms to rent, to avoid failures.

b) For group reservations by tour operators and travel agencies, the following cancellation and re-ordering periods apply:

    until 42 days before arrival = free cancellation

    up to 28 days before arrival = payment of 50% of the agreed price.

If cancellation takes place later than four weeks before arrival or if the number of participants decreases by more than 10% according to the agreement, the customer pays 100% of the agreed price for the missing number of participants, unless the rooms in question can be rented to other guests.

Insofar as the hotel incurs special costs due to the order, these are to be reimbursed in full by the customer.

6. Liability

The contractual partner of the hotel or the guest as such or as the host are liable to the hotelier in full for damages caused by themselves or their guests.

Any use of the provided rooms deviating from the contract entitles the hotel to terminate the contract without notice. This does not reduce the entitlement to the agreed remuneration.

The hotel reserves the right to withdraw from the contract if the provision of the service through force majeure or industrial action has become impossible, without this being able to derive any claims for damages.

For things brought in the hotel is liable according to the provisions of the Civil Code. Liability is excluded if the room or containers from which items were stolen were unlocked.

For valuables a liability is only accepted if they are deposited against receipt at the reception. Money is also to be deposited against receipt at the reception.

The hotel is liable for the correctness of the service description in brochures as well as for the proper provision of the contractually agreed services.

The hotel is not liable for the services provided by the hotels it manages.

7. Final provisions

In commercial transactions, the place of performance and jurisdiction are the registered office of the hotel. Verbal agreements will not take effect until the hotel has confirmed them in writing.

Should individual provisions of these terms and conditions be invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the other provisions.