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Pfaelzer-Hof Edenkoben
Pfaelzer Hof


From the chronicle of the "Pfälzer Hof" to EdenkobenToday's »Pfälzer Hof« was already and still in 1733 the »hostel to the pitcher« (see "1200 years Edenkoben": 1752 music by Krugwirt Peter Wild). The earliest known mention of the "inn to the jug" we find about 1660 in the remarks on the "hostel to the plow." There it says: "The next owner of the" hostel to the plow "after the Huguenot Theobald Mennel was Philipp Carl Völcker, who was at the same time host to" Zum Krug ".


Hotel Restaurant Pfälzer Hof honored as "Edenkobener Haus"

Clothes make people! This also applies to houses, which is why the Heimatbund Edenkoben has been honoring homeowners since 1996, who are restoring their estate in exemplary fashion. Houses embody a piece of local history and form a piece of familiar surroundings. The most recent example of this is the "Pfälzer Hof", in the Weinstraße 85.

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