Pfälzer Hof Hotel Restaurant Weinkeller
Pfaelzer-Hof Edenkoben
Pfaelzer Hof

Hotel Restaurant Pfälzer Hof honored as "Edenkobener Haus"

Clothes make people! This also applies to houses, which is why the Heimatbund Edenkoben has been honoring homeowners since 1996, who are restoring their estate in exemplary fashion. Houses embody a piece of local history and form a piece of familiar surroundings. The most recent example of this is the "Pfälzer Hof", in the Weinstraße 85.

Mrs. Simma, Senior Manager of the "Pfälzer Hof"

On the occasion of the general assembly of the home federation Edenkoben e.V., on 10 May 2012, presented
Heimatbund chairman Herbert Hartkopf the senior director of the “Pfälzer Hof” a certificate and a book present.
(Photo Hubert Minges)

Historical Bill

Historical Bill from 1838. (Archiv Heimatbund Edenkoben).